Growing ExpresssionsSeed Paper Growing Instructions

Thoroughly soak the biodegradable card jacket in water. Tear it up and spread it under a quarter-inch of well-drained soil. Water gently and regularly, keeping the paper consistently moist. Germination time is one to four weeks. Until seedlings are established, keep out of direct sunlight or hot summer sun.

The most common reason that the seed paper does not grow successfully is failure to keep the paper consistently moist. Once moistened, if it dries out at all, the seeds will probably not grow.

If you are growing the seed paper for the first time, you may want to experiment with a small piece of the seed paper and save the rest for later. As long as the seeds are kept dry, they will last for years.

The seed paper can be soaked in water overnight, then transferred to a pot or outdoors under a thin layer of soil. Each seed card contains enough seeds to cover three to four square feet in your garden without overcrowding.

Sometimes it’s helpful to start the germination process by moistening the seed paper and placing it in a small plastic bag to keep it from drying out. A lightly moistened paper towel can be added in order to supply more consistent moisture. However, be careful not to drown the seed paper in water. The seed paper does not need light until the seedlings have sprouted.

Germination time is one to four weeks. Once the seedlings have sprouted, then they can be transferred to a pot with well-drained, loose soil or planted outdoors, weather and climate permitting. The handmade paper will naturally recycle into the soil as the seedlings grow.

Thank you for growing your seed paper and making our world greener! A little reminder that beauty surrounds us every day. Please take time to enjoy it.

Please note that if your seed paper card does not specify the wildflower seeds, the following is the carefully selected standard mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds. This is the seed mix in all Leanin’ Tree Business Holiday and Everyday Card seed paper “ornaments”.

Sweet William (Pinks Dianthus barbatus)

Rocket Larkspur (Delphinium ajacis)

Candytuft (Iberis umbellata)

Baby Blue Eyes (Nemophila menziesii)

Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)

Forget-Me-Not (Myosotis sylvatica)

Wallflower (Cheiranthus allionii)

Columbine (Aquilegia caerulea/A. vulgaris)

Zinnia (Zinnia elegans)

Lemon Mint (Monarda citriodora)

Five Spot (Nemophila maculata)

These wildflowers are all hearty and diverse so each region of the country will see success with something coming up.